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Course Description:

This course trains all individuals in safe flagging techniques specific to New York regulations. The topics discussed in this course involve a thorough understanding of flagging procedures, proper use of required equipment, a review of flagging skills from hands-on training and classroom activities, and coordinate traffic movement through the work zone. Students will receive a full color, waterproof picture ID card, each with its own individual assigned number to prove its authenticity.

Flagger Benefits:

Flaggers are responsible for keeping workers, pedestrians, and the driver’s safe. A flagger’s certification card demonstrates that you’re authorized to take on this very important job.

Flagger Topics include:

  • Deviating traffic around a road construction project

  • Flagging procedures such as:

    • Single flagger and two flagger operations

    • Hand signals

    • Setting up flagger stations

    • Flagging in adverse weather

    • Flagging at night

    • Emergency Situations

  • Getting emergency vehicles through a work zone safely

  • Notifying workers of hazards on the job site

  • How to put up traffic cones and other barricades

  • The proper way to use “STOP” and “SLOW” signs including where to stand safely while holding them

  • What it means to work as a flagger

  • Safety rules and practices

  • How to use flagger safety equipment

  • Basic principles of traffic control such as:

    • Spacing

    • Tapers

    • Being visible to other drivers

  • The skills of great flaggers


Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites needed to attend this course. Students must be able to verbally communicate with the instructor in the primary language of the training


Class Materials: This course consists of several different components which include powerpoint presentations, lecture, real-life case studies, class discussion, and hands-on demonstration.


Course Length: 4 hours not including breaks and lunch hour

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