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Course Description: Supported scaffold user training and refresher training program provides a basic explanation of supported scaffolds and supported scaffold components. The course will introduce the elements of supported scaffold safety and common supported scaffolds hazards while placing an emphasis on hazard reduction and prevention which includes fall protection, scaffold inspections, hazard recognition, and responding appropriately to emergency situations.


Requirements: Local Law 52 of 2005 requires that all workers using supported scaffolds on construction sites in New York City receive this training and get there 4 Hour scaffold card. Individuals must re-take this training course every 4 years.



Local law 196 introduced new regulations for demolition and construction workers employed in the 5 boroughs that will require them to have a specific amount of training. Workers will be required to have a minimum of 30 hours of training and supervisors will be required to have a minimum of 62 hours of training by December 1st, 2018. In addition to the required amount of training individuals will also need to acquire the appropriate Site Safety Training (SST) card to prove they have completed the necessary training.

As of June 1st, 2019 Workers will need a total of 40 hours of training which must include the 8-Hour fall Prevention course and the 2-Hour drug and alcohol Awareness course.

As of June 1st, 2019 Supervisors will need a total of 60 hours of training which must include among other courses the 4 Hour Supported Scaffold User and Refresher Class.

For more information on the specific courses required to receive an SST card and to order an SST card as required by Local Law 196 please visit

CEUs: 0.4


  1. 100% attendance for the 4 Hour Scaffold User and Refresher Training Program

  2. Completion of Continuing Education and Training Registration Form

  3. Active participation in all class exercises (determined by course instructor)

  4. Completion of required pre-and post-quiz assessment

  5. As applicable, achievement of minimum passing score on required end-of-course examination

  6. Participation and submittal of end-of-course evaluation form (must provide name on form to receive credit)


Price: $135


Duration: 4-hour Course


Learning Objective:

  1. List supported scaffold types and its major components

  2. Identify the most common supported scaffold safety hazards

  3. Protect themselves from supported scaffold safety hazards

  4. Outline New York City Building Code supported scaffold safety requirements

  5. Inspect supported scaffolds in accordance with federal and local safety regulations


Students will receive a certification of completion for the 4 hour supported scaffold course and a 4 hour supported scaffold card.

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