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Designed for individuals who work in the general industry and who require safety training. Osha 10 General industry training will help educate workers to predict, prevent, identify and stop possible common worksite hazards. Workers in the following fields can benefit from this Osha authorized course: Healthcare, factory operations, warehousing, manufacturing, storage and more.


Osha 10 General Industries Topics include:

  • Slip, Trip and Fall Hazard Protection

  • Fixed and Portable Ladder Safety

  • Fire Prevention, Protection, and Emergency Egress Safety

  • Dangers of Electrical Hazards

  • Using and Choosing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

  • Causes and Prevention of MSD and RMD Injuries

  • Workers’ Rights to Know the Chemical Makeup of Materials Found in Their Workplace

  • Difference Between Chronic and Acute Health Ailments

  • Hazards of Spray Finishing, Dipping/Coating, Combustible Liquids, and Compressed Gases

  • Dangers of Unguarded Equipment

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